Awesome submission thanks

Awesome submission thanks

Last photo of 2013 #now bring on #2014 #me #gay #gayguy #tagforlikes #homosexual #gayboy #sexi


Good head to FedEx guy as he delivers a fat nut on his lips and swallows all. 

Me to the right (your host lol) and my bestie (sis) to the left. I havn’t posted a photo of myself in a while, and this is very well needed update. Thanks to all my followers. all 72thousand something. Love you guys and girls. 

So this all happened and got released because my ex has my photo up as his headline photo on fb and when asking him to take it down this was his response. 

 "There is always two sides to every story. No matter what he said about me I did no cheat but its kool. Why would I take down his picture if I still love and miss him. I gave him his glass picture not to be smart or spiteful but to give it to him cuz I thought it means a lot to him. Anyway I can’t take it down till I’m completely over him and really moving on. Truly I wish all of u nothing but peace and blessings. But at the same time if my pictures is out there it’s kool cuz it was worth it. Will always love him and all of u. God bless"

So my dear tumblr followers

Since my ex boyfriend wants to be a duchebag his nudes will be posted on my blog for everyone to view tomorrow