TUMBLR BF wanted!!!

Put the letter X to the answer!

1. Are you Sexy as fuck?: Yes   or   No    

2. Are you a Sexy as fuck inside and outside?: Yes     or   No

3. Do You like Brazifican men?: (Brazilian/Black men)   Yes   or    No   

4. Do You like Guys?: Yes   or   No

5. Do You Like Gay Porn?:   Yes   or    Yes    (this is a must)

6. Are You a sweetheart?: Yes    or    No      (trick question if you actually read the other questions)

7. Do You think I am Sexy as fuck?:  Yes  or  No 

8. Whats Your Favorite food?:    ________________________

9. Do you have a big penis? (optional) Yes   or   No   ( this is a big plus if you do lol no pictures needed)

10. Are you Athletic/ have an athletic body figure? Yes   or  No