That bulge literally look like its bout to POP out. Whos want to be there when it does?

My cock

Thank you for your submission you are now one of my fav submissions! <3

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A nice picture of myself before I go to sleep…boa noite tumblr fam.

Meh, eh goodnight tumblr fam. Boa noite. mwah!

TUMBLR BF wanted!!!

Put the letter X to the answer!

1. Are you Sexy as fuck?: Yes   or   No    

2. Are you a Sexy as fuck inside and outside?: Yes     or   No

3. Do You like Brazifican men?: (Brazilian/Black men)   Yes   or    No   

4. Do You like Guys?: Yes   or   No

5. Do You Like Gay Porn?:   Yes   or    Yes    (this is a must)

6. Are You a sweetheart?: Yes    or    No      (trick question if you actually read the other questions)

7. Do You think I am Sexy as fuck?:  Yes  or  No 

8. Whats Your Favorite food?:    ________________________

9. Do you have a big penis? (optional) Yes   or   No   ( this is a big plus if you do lol no pictures needed)

10. Are you Athletic/ have an athletic body figure? Yes   or  No